What is Pro-Dosa BOOST?

Pro-Dosa BOOST, is a comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste formulated to replace essential nutrients lost by the equine athlete during training, competition, transport or under stress.

Pro-Dosa BOOST was first launched in New Zealand over a decade ago and is now the biggest selling nutritional paste in Australasia, The Middle East, and many parts of Europe.

It is used internationally in a wide variety of sports including:

  • dressage
  • show jumping
  • eventing
  • polo
  • mounted games
  • flat
  • national hunt
  • harness
  • and endurance racing

Horsemen and veterinarians have found it to be useful in supporting normal appetite, thirst, electrolyte balance, red blood cell production, performance, recovery and health.


Why Pro-Dosa BOOST?

The development of Pro-Dosa BOOST came about after discussions with various horsemen, veterinarians, nutritionists, and sports physiologists about the pitfalls associated with common treatments used in the pre, mid, and post-competition management of racehorses, equestrian sport horses, and endurance horses.

Horsemen competing at an elite level are generally very conscientious about preparing their horses for optimal performance and recovery. They routinely administer electrolytes by stomach tube along with various amino acid, vitamin, trace mineral, and iron solutions by injection. These practices, however, are relatively expensive, can be stressful for horses, and may even cause trauma and inflammation in the throat and nasal mucosa when horses are not very co-operative about nasogastric intubation. Additionally, supplementation with individual nutrients often results in imbalances that impair their absorption and usefulness.

Dr Hills wanted to find a safe, efficient, effective, and inexpensive alternative that would better support optimal health, performance, and recovery. She began considering the idea of a scientifically formulated, complete, balanced, rapidly absorbable, and bioavailable nutrient paste that horsemen could administer themselves, with minimal stress for the horse and cost for the owner. As nothing was available internationally that met these requirements, she began work on the development of Pro-Dosa BOOST.